The page devoted to memory of some of my beloved dogs that are gone.

Thank You for crossing my life path! I will never forget you!

Cifra Beerta Tjammes End


16/11/2004 - 17/04/2017

HD-A  AD-0
Swe Winner -05, 07
Fin Winner- 08
European Veteran Winner 2015


My first Laekenois and the very best of them all!
A great Lady, a dog with self confidence, self control and dignity beyond the usual.
Respectful towards both people and dogs and always getting respect in reward. Intelligent and full of energy working dog, a star in the show rings and a great mom to her pups.

Beerta was diagnosed with arthrithis in left knee at the age of 7. And a couple of years later in the right knee as well. Lately even all bones in her metacarpus were changed. Otherwise she was a very healthy dog. And she wanted to train and play, she loved life and looked like a young dog!

But walking was hard and the painkillers did not help enough any more and I had to make a very painful decision to let her go in the age of 12 years and 5 months.

She drew her last breath at home surrounded by the whole family. A part of me died with her...



Don´t You Forget I am da Casa Mont`Alves

29/12/2009 - 2907/2012

SEJV-10, SE V-11
Obedience class 1 approved

Luisa was a gift from my friend Rui. I met her as a 4 months old puppy when we were in Portugal and stayed at Ruis place. I fell in love with her.

We had to wait almost 3 months before we could import Luisa to Sweden. She travelled with some of Ruis friends and their two giant Grand Danois to Denmark in a camper. It took 3 days and Luisa must have been terrified of the giants. From that time she was afraid even of the smallest Chihuahua puppy.

It took a year of training to make her pass a dog without fear. We trained a lot of basic obedience but even agility and tracking as it was such a joy for her and gave her so much confidence. She was a wonderful working dog and an exceptional beauty. And a fighter that made me so proud!

She died, only 2,5 year old, during agility training. The necropsy showed a circulatory collapse. The whole world collapsed for me that day...