The nature has its own ways! A mating which had taken place on April 6th 2018 resulted in just one embryo.

Next mating was planned for spring 2019, same combination, but plans are just plans. They can change without a notification…

Here is the update. Compis has had recurring issues with his prostata. Every time bitches in the neighbourhood or his own Dessie at home were in season he would bleed and have pain. His owners decided to neuter him and that was the best choice for the dog.

I do not have a reserve male. There are 2 others I like but I do not think the owners are interested in breeding. And I do not have time to look for another male now as Ruda has decided to go into heat much earlier than expected. In fact only 3 months after the last one in order to synchronize with Prima.

So probably there will be no puppies this year. She can still wait until next year but no longer. She is already 5 years old.

Last update.

It is definite. There will be no puppies this year. The male I found in last minute was not interested in mating. In fact both dogs were totally indiffrent despite the high progesterone value. Breeding is not an easy task.

I still hope I can find a decent male until next year and have this dream litter then.


                                                                                                           Shepherds Dogmate Ourthe

                                                                                                           born 01.02.2014

                                                                                                      SE JV-15

                                                                                                             LP I, LP II, an exc. i new class 2                                                                                                                                    

                                                                                                            HD A, ED 0, eyes clear (March 2018)