Shepherds Dogmate Ourthe

Born 01/02/2014

HD A, AD 0, eyes OK (March 2018)


SE JV-2015


Ruda is imported from Holland. Her Grandmother is a full sister of my first and very best Laekenois Beerta. She has some of my favorite dogs in her pedigree and I am really tempted to pass it on to next generation.

 A very sweet and lovable character. Soft and friendly. An easy-going every day companion. Beautiful and elegant.

A very easy dog to train though it took some time to get her motivated. She would not mind to spend a lifetime partly running in the woods and swimming and partly on the couch resting. But once on the training ground she gives everything!
She has got an exc in new obedience class 2 so the plan is to continue preparing her for the highest class to eventually get a Champion title.