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Our aim is to breed high quality Belgian Shepherds Laekenois.

Kennel Lakkebo is a realisation of a long dream to share life with the most outstanding dogs.


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My Laekenois story


A picture from the book "THE DOG-his world and ours" Edition Leipzig 1975

A picture from the book "THE DOG-his world and ours" Edition Leipzig 1975

Dogs have always been part of my life. I grew up with those my family owned and they always fascinated me. I bought all the books about dogs I could find and had many dog friends in the neighbourhood. I first got my own dog, a Kerry Blue Terrier, when I was 15 years old. 

Over 40 years ago I found a book about dogs, printed in Germany, with many nice pictures in it. I focused though on only one of them – of two hairy creatures that were for me of an unknown breed. The elegant and yet tousled appearance, intelligent eyes and alert ears made an unforgettable impression on me. I decided that once I will own a dog like those on the picture!

I took my precious book with me when I moved to Sweden and started my new life from scratch. It took many years before I could even think about realizing my dreams. Meanwhile I owned some fantastic cross breeds…
When I seriously began looking around I could not find any dogs like those on the picture. I decided to travel to Germany to see if they existed in the country where the book was printed; it was around the time of the World Dog Show in Dortmund.

And there, while walking in the long corridor between the show areas I saw the dog of my dreams! It was Arris Tjammes End, bred and owned by Petra and Ton from Holland. And yes, the next litter was planned and a little puppy Beerta moved to our place in february 2005.

At last my dream had come true!

Beerta had  been a wonderful ambassador for her breed. Intelligent, beautiful, confident and friendly. A versatile working dog. My star and my best friend.

My second Laekenois, Orca, comes from the same breeder. She has been an amazing working dog though not as easy to live with as Beerta.

The third one, Luisa, was a gift from Rui, kennel Casa Mont´Alves i Portugal. Unfortunately she died very young so I bought Isabela from the same breeder. Isabela had to be rehomed as she was not able to adjust to our way of living.

My young bitch, Ruda comes from a Shepherds Dogmate kennel in Holland. Her grandmother is a full sister of Beerta and she has a lot of her self-control and  friendliness and shows more and more of working abilities.

I even bought a Border Collie lately. She is a very sweet dog and hopefully a future obedience star, a joy for the whole family and me as her trainer.  It´s a new experience for me and a very positive one.

However this experience has made me once more realise that for many different reasons the Laekenois is the only dog for me! 


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