Wonderful summer continues

Another month has passed. I read people around the country have been complaining about the weather for being too rainy and too cold. Here around Stockholm we had sun, lots of sun, so much sun that we were desperate to get some rain. We had to water our plants in the garden every second day. And they have been growing like crazy. We have all the veggies we need and lots of berries, all organic and tasty. The rain came this weekend and it was very welcome.

Yesterday I took Ruda and Prima to the annual Begian Shepherd Club show. Ruda got excellent but not CQ, the judge wanted her to have more furnishings on the head. I was a bit upset about the judge who´s only criteria was the amount hair on the dog´s face and I mean it was much more important than any other qualities like body structure and the shape of the head. It felt like a bad joke!

I expect the judges at the specialty would at least read the breed standard!


This is Rudas critique.

This is Rudas critique.


Anyway I had a nice time with other Laekenois owners and managed to train some obedience with Christel and Compis after the show. In my opinion Compis should have won the best male title. But he also had too little hair on the head...


Vajert Compis Cracker

Vajert Compis Cracker


I believe he will be a very good match for my Ruda though.

With or without face furnishings!


Otherwise nothing special happens. The summer is about enjoying every moment of the best time of the year. To feel alive and free! 

We go for long walks in the forest, we swim as much as we can and see after Orca as her owners are on vacation.

I take care of the garden and consume a lot of fresh veggies.



We try to train every day. When it is too hot I go to the nearest club on early mornings. Even a short training is better than nothing. We are getting more and more flow in our sessions. I enjoy it and so do the dogs. I think I have to start thinking about competitions soon!

But first of all I just live the life and enjoy the company of my dogs, being outside most of the time and the beauty of the nature around. Life is good!