Two weeks and 1850g of happiness


Two weeks have gone and the little puppy has grown into a fat, shapeless creature mostly resembling a well fed seal cub. The eyes opened on day 11 and I noticed first play attempts today. They were doomed to fail because the puppy rolls over to a side as soon as it tries to make a fast movement but there was an attempt to jump and chew on her mothers leg! They develop so fast! Watching the puppy and listening to all the sounds it makes has been my best meditation lately!


I have stayed away from work as much as I could, but sometimes I have to work and then take the dogs with me and make them comfortable under my desk. It works very well, as for Ruda our work is a second home. She feeds and grooms the puppy and comes out from her kennel when the puppy falls asleep. Then she starts to beg for food, she has become very hungry these days. I wonder what would happen if she had 10 hungry parasites to feed!


A long weekend is ahead. Sweden´s biggest holiday, Midsummer. The holiday, when we usually drive away to the countryside to enjoy summer weather with our friends.But the weather has changed drammatically, which isn´t unusual at this time of year. All the rain we were waiting for during last 6 weeks comes down all at once. I decided to stay at home with my gang, we have my sisters Dandie here as well. No use to crowd in a little cottage with wet dogs. And the puppy is too little for such a long journey. 


Xenon, the cat, is interested, though quite cautious about the puppy now. He sits and study it often and touches it lightly with its paws when the chance is given. I hope they will be good friends and play mates when the pup starts to move around. The cat has been trying to get our grown up dogs to play with him but they would not understand his intentions at all! They actually think the cat wants to attack them in real and avoid him!

I hope the playful puppy would not have any preconceived notions about cats and take advantage of the situation!