Frozen world


It is possible to walk on water provided that one would wait long enough. Last weekend we went to our favorite lake and checked the ice. It was thick enough for a car to drive on. We are having a proper winter this year. Without any exaggeration, for it could have been much colder and we could have had lots of snow, but the weather is winterlike. Which gives me hope for early spring this year. Nothing one can count on but a wish that will keep me alive a couple of months more. Until spring.


The doggies don´t mind. They are not crazy about snow but they do not disaprove. However Xenon the Cat spends most of his time inside. He does not like his paws touch the disgusting white stuff. At the same time he would love to watch the birds from a closer distance. It seems like an impossible equation.


I understand him very well. I TRY to love winter. I try hard every day. But I am happy watching days disappear fast though it´s my life and I do not have so much left of it. But every day gone gets me closer to spring and the life I love. Outside. With sun, green grass and unlimited training conditions…

Every now and then I take the dogs to new places for long walks where they can run free in order to compensate lost training time. I suspect it´s bigger problem for me then them. We train in a dog training hall at least once a week but it´s not enough. I can even train details in my own hallway, which I do sometimes. And I try to track with Basqa once or twice a week. The dogs seem to be happy.


We even have another dog at home, staying for a short time, a little Chihuahua/Cairn terrier mix, almost 14 years old but very fit and happy.


So nice to see how he always is ready to follow us on our walks despite the tiny size, high age and short legs. A very positive soul!

Well, Januari is almost over. Two tough monts are still ahead. I will survive!