Wonderful summertime


It´s raining. And it makes me happy. It makes my plants happy. We have been waiting for rain quite a while. Let it rain, I am tired of hot sunny days as I cannot train the dogs then. I just hope it will stop raining in time. In this country raining night go on in weeks and then it´s not fun anymore . But right now it´s just what we all need.

We eat lots of our own veggies, spend most of the time outside and thrive. I enjoy the company of my summer guest Ala, my cousin and best friend. I even use her as a helper on a dog training ground! Though she comes from Warsaw and does not speak swedish she has learned a lot of commands and is very helpful.

I still have to do a lot of training before I feel safe to start in the highest class but the progress has been made. I even decided to let a very clever trainer to try us out and make the judgement. It will be very interesting to see how Ruda copes with this long and difficult programme.


Yesterday we even went to the local dog show and a respectful judge gave her an Exc, CQ and BOB. And she really enjoyed the show as it was outside, she was really allert and her ears were up all the time! Very positive experience for a dog which does not really like to show herself, especially indoors.

I showed Basqa as well. She just got a VG as she is not mature enough ( well, she cannot be being just 14 months old, can she?). I entered her in Junior class and she shoud be judged as junior, should´t she? She has got a very nice critique though and behaved well except the part the judge wanted to see her teeth. She kept her lips tightly closed and backed so in the end I had to show her teeth myself. We have to train on that daily!

Otherwise she is as she is. Very sweet and very annoying alternately. Possesive, noisy, soft and cuddly. Her training shows slow progress as she has to focus on so many things around her! I have X-rayed her hips and elbows and they are excellent so now it would be best time to find her a new home, but so difficult to announce her! I plan to do this every day but would I ever?


Prima has been nice to Ruda lately. No aggresive behaviour They both were in season so maybe that would explain their warm feelings for each other.

She is well prepared for start in class 2 and I hope one competition will be enough to get the access to the highest class. But, of course, anything can happen on a trial. I plan to enter her on Sept 8th.

Otherwise her life is happy and simple. A little wooden stick, a pine cone or a ball and somebody who would throw it away is everything she needs.


Basqas little friend Merlin is growing. They really enjoy being together. The only one disapproving is Xenon the Cat, sitting in the bushes and watching them play with disgust. I think he needs a playmate, I have to get another Maine Coon maybe?


Xenon has got a haircut and enjoys it immensly. No more small sticks, leaves and seeds stuck in his coat and no more tangles! I think we will take off his coat every summer. He looks like a lion and certainly feels so!

Thats about everything for now. Time for a short walk in the woods with our oldie Orca, that has been staying at our place for about 3 weeks. She is 12,5 years old and still doing quite well.