Winter getting closer


November has been pretty mild so far. Some sunny days, some rainy, lots of cold nights but still no snow. Happy about that. 

We are able to train outside still but the sessions are shorter as I freeze constantly. Sometimes I have the oppotunity to use a drill-hall near my house, sometimes I train details inside and in this way we plan to defy the disadvatage of living so far North. Later, when the snow comes, the only way would be to hire a dog training hall, which is quite expensive in the long run.

November is usually a dull month, but this year it offered an adventure I would never forget. Some time has passed since then but I still shiver when I think about it. I was asked by my friend Christel to take care of Compis, future father of my planned litter, over a weekend. The dog has known me from the time he was just a puppy and as we sometimes train together he is comfortable with my dogs as well. I thought it was such a nice opportunity to get to know him better so I agreed with joy. He was left at our job and followed me home without problems. He jumped out from the car and entered the house by himself, got some treats, begged for food at dinner and acted better than expected. Until it was time to go out for a walk. I usually let my dogs out first to avoid crowding at the door. We have a very good fence around the property, so I let them go together with Compis. When I went outside I could not see him. I called but he did not come. I tried to tempt him with very good treats, all in vein. I saw him trotting around soundless like a shadow probably testing the possibilities to run away but he did not find any. Just when I decided that the best thing is to leave him alone I saw him crawl under the gate and disappear behind it. I never thought he could make it, being such a big dog! I thought I would die at that moment. I tried to run to the house but my legs were very weak. Once inside I called Christel. She was some 550 km away but said she would come. We did not have a choice. He was looking for her. She came in the middle of the night, walked around the area to leave a message to him, slept few hours and we walked and called few hours in the morning. He came back. Was litterally waiting for us outside the gate, the very same he crawled under. Can´t remember what I was feeling then though I remember I cried and laughed at the same time. What a relief! 

There might be some puppies after all !😂


We were trying to understand his behaviour. The only explanation I could think of was the fact that our boys, who he does not know, were outside when I let the dogs out. Maybe he felt the sudden urge to reunite with his owner then? Rather than face the unknown people? Anyway the most important thing was that he was back! Like most missing dogs he came back to the very same place where he disappeared from. But this time his mom was there. He knew that, he is a tracking dog!

Well, I hope life will save me from this kind of surprices, even when they end well. I admire Christel and her wonderful calm attitude. I am grateful to everyone who offered help but first of all I am fascinated by the complexity of dogs behaviour!