First snow and a new family member


Just few days after I entered my last post the very first snow for the year covered the ground and was washed away by the rain two days later. I enjoyed the beauty of the pure white world around me as I knew it would quickly disappear. For once the weather forecast was right.

Much more exciting thing happened over a week ago. Our house has been invided, at least in the eyes of the dogs, by a wonderful creature, a Maine Coon kitten without a name yet. Kraken is his official name but the whole family decided it was not appropiate name for such a sweet fellow.


The dogs have shown lots of interest in the new family member. Too much in my opinion. Especially Ruda. Border is calm. I am sure she would help in case Ruda would get a chance to chase the cat but otherwise she just stays out of the trouble. Ruda is excited, follows the cat and waits for him to run away. Spends a lot of time watching him. But the cat is super cool and does not run. Just in the contrary- he is more and more curious and seeking the contact. Coming close to Ruda and touching her with his huge paws. And then she stands still, totally paralyzed. I suppose it is going to take long time before I can trust her. If ever. It´s like a cat-hating spirit of Beerta is still dwelling in Ruda´s body! But I have to try, I missed having cat around so much!


The house has been divided into two parts, though the Cat can always jump over to the dog side. I have to watch them when we are at home. But it is worth it. We have the whole winter ahead before the kitten will be allowed to go outside. I hope the dogs will get used to him by then. 

In the meantime I´m trying to have some kind of life now even if the strongest urge is to dig a hole under the ground and hibernate. Not much quality in my life right now because of the cold and rain and darkness and depression trying to get hold of one. But I know I will survive until sprintime. I always do. Getting out as much as I can to train and walk the dogs and admire the beauty around. Playing with the cat. Trying to find positive sides in everything. They are there, I know.