Last day of 2017, first day of a New Year


Time flies. Christmas holiday is over, a New Year just hours ahead.

Time for reflection over the year that passed and plans for the coming one. I usually don`t give planning much time. I maybe should, but I am kind of a daydreamer.

My youngest son says we should put our goals on the paper, every day. He says it makes the brain focus on the ways to achieve them. I suppose this should be my New Year promise to myself?

About the doggies - they are doing very well.

Prima has become 2 years old. Ruda was recently shown on the annual Swedish Winner Show, she got an EXC, CQ and res-CACIB, but the most important thing is that both have made an extraordinary progress in their obedience training, comparing with last year.


The weather has been kind to us. We have had just single days with snow in December. The others are dark as nights and often rainy. But it means also that the temperature is just above 0 and I can train outside without freezing.

Regarding the training we are working on details and persistence lately, all excercises are learned and clear. Love working with details, hate working with persistance! I know I have to do it as one cannot reward the dogs during an obedience trial but I still don´t have enough of self discipline myself. It is such a joy for me to reward the dogs for well done excercises, it seems I cannot live without it...  

Next year I will have to break out from my comfort zone and compete with both and get reward for the job I had done myself!


The kitten is growing nicely. In the end he´s got a name and is called Xenon. Inside he comes every time I call his name, when we walk outside he is too focused on other things and does not listen. But he does not run away but watches all the small details around him carefully. 

Ruda is still very excited when around him. If Xenon rests she sleeps peacefully but when he is awake she walks ( actually sneaks ) around him. I suppose she would like him to start running so she could chase. But he does not run. He is a very cool cat.

JANUARY 1st, 2018

First day of a new year. Like every other day of the year but I am extremly happy we made it through yet another New Year´s Eve. I hate that madness with the fireworks that almost blow away the roof of our house. I think about the animals, not only our pets but all of them sharing the space around and wonder who the hell gives us the right to destroy their life more than we already do? An for what reason?

Every year I hope the Government of this animal loving country would ban this stupid trdition and forbid the fireworks, but nothing happens! They just boast they have the best animal welfare laws in the world and at the same time allow to abuse the animals, both pets and wild, in the name of a stupid game! And my hope that people would understand, have empathy and choose silent celebration by themselves is gone now...It´s getting worse every year...

I live outside town, at a border of a huge National Park with lots of wilde life. We have 3 horse stables in the neighbourhood, many people living here have dogs and cats, there are not many houses. Yet it was just an inferno this year at midnight! And still, though it is late afternoon, the single explosions are heard. My dogs aren´t afraid normally but this time I saw they were disturbed and sought the close contact with me to feel safe. And we were inside, protected by the thick walls and shut windows. Where can the wild animals find a safe shelter? We have taken their environment, why can´t we treat them with respect? I am so upset! So upset I can´t think of anything else!