Another winter month has passed


Soon the light will return to our neglected part of the world. No complaints about the weather, it could have been much much worse. Of course it depends on what one expects. Those who wanted to have real winter must have been disappointed so far. We had just one cold period, with snow and minus degrees over few days during Januari and the other one started today. But otherwise mild and dog training-friendly weather with too much rain though.

I have taken some winter pictures and I am satisfied. Today I even walked the dogs over a frozen lake but I was not so comfortable with that as I usually am when the weather is really cold.


No special events during the past month. I took a part in a lecture about competing psychology and bought a book which I intend to study during our vacations 2 weeks in Februari. I hope it will work and I will be able to start competing without anxiety in the future.


The only thing worrying me is Rudas constant negative attitude towards the cat. Over two months have passed and I really hoped for some habituation. I cannot see any changes. She still shows a lot of stress while near him and it is almost impossible to reach her to train this behaviour away. She does not hurt him in any way but cannot relax in his presence. Prima is no longer bothered and even shows playing invitations. She follows me outside when I take Xenon for walks and she plays around with her toys. 

Well, while we are away the cat will stay with my son in law and when we come back I will see how it works. If the situation does not change until Ruda will be mated I cannot keep Xenon here. I would not like her to be stressed while she is pregnant. Fortunately all my children are very charmed by this cat so he has a lot of homes to choose between. And he does not mind moving around at all either. But I will miss him terribly!


I hope my next post will be much more colorful. We are going away to Mauritius for our winter holidays and I will certainly take some pictures. Meanwhile Ruda will get some rest from the cat and hopefully change the attitude. Which I do not believe in at all but very strongly hope for!