Back home from Mauritius


The pic above shows the reality here, at home. The pic below shows how reality looks like for others living 12 hours flight away and having right now about 45°C higher temperature. They complain about heat, we are freezing. We all complain about the weather no matter where we live. Human nature.


I felt happy being on Mauritius and tried to make the best of my free time. I loved swimming in still lagoons, listening to birds intense twitter, admired the marine life of the nearest coral reef and enjoyed the company of my dear friends.


I even took the book about competition psychology with me and studied it thoroughly. Did not have the time to do it at home.

But even if I enjoyed every minute of my vacation I was happy to return home. I missed my kids and my dogs and my hobby. Just few hours after we came home I took part in a training competition in a cold riding hall. It was fun, despite the low temperature as the atmosphere was warmed up of all friendliness from people sharing the same interest. I love being a part of the team!


 I have to complain about the weather though. I really had hoped for some kind of spring when we returned. Instead we have got delayed winter and a real one! Plenty of snow and freezing cold with temperatures dropping below - 15°C during nights. This is not fun at all, as I cannot train the dogs outside. Luckily I have a warm training hall booked once a week through the whole March. Better than nothing...

But spring is coming soon without doubt! The days are much longer and the sun rays feel warm already. It won´t take a long time now!