Making puppies is not an easy task


Today was a last day of a mating week. The sire is tired and bleeding. The dame probably goes empty. I cannot understand why the mating of canines has to be so complicated if one compares with other species. And I am very, very sorry for myself...

In addition to complicated mating procedure we have had some extra disadvantages on the way.

The most important one was that Compis´own lady Dessie, who lives in the same house, decided to go into season at the same time as Ruda. It must have been a tough time for the boy!

Then there was Ruda who showed so much interest and tried to seduce Compis before she was really ready without letting him to do it all the way! For her it was just a play but the boy really worked hard and tried... 

Then in the end when Ruda was hormonally ready and steady Compis was too quick to withdraw...Must have had pain in his penis and was bleeding...As this happened two days in a raw and he was very affected we decided to let him rest. It means that the two of them were never really tied, though he was inside her a couple of times.The chance for pregnancy is a very modest one.


Theoretically it is possible for a bitch to get pregnant even without tying but it happens only when one does not want to have puppies. Murphy´s Law.

And I wanted them so badly! I am lucky to have other hobbies, otherwise I could have fallen into depression! Anyway, as there is a very little chance I am going to make an ultrasound examination in the beginning of May. Hope is the last thing to die!

And next time I will not believe in Rudas tricky behaviour but take progesteron tests every second day and let them play when she is really ready! And according to Dessies schedual she is not going into season at the same time as Ruda next year!

Such a pity I will have to wait a whole year though! But I do not want to have winter puppies, I want to give my little ones best conditions to develop and summer has so many things to offer!

The nature has its own ways whether I like it or not and I cannot do anything but to accept the fact. But I feel really, really sorry...


Otherwise the snow is disappearing very slowly, spring is really late this year!

We have lots of snow in front of the house and all the paths in the forest are covered with ice. Our little pond is still frozen but today was a very first day with temperature above+ 5 degrees. Soon our training season will begin! Lets hope it will help me to forget about puppies!