Spring in the air and a single puppy in Rudas belly


After rather cold and rather wet long weekend in the countryside we are expecting some nice, warm and sunny spring days! At least if one can trust long term weather reports. 

Somehow it is always easier to believe the positive reports and I have so many plans that depend on the weather. First of all I have to take care of the garden if we are to enjoy our own veggies this year. It´s already quite late. This will take lots of my energy and time.


And maybe just as well as I am deprived of the usual ways of spending my free time right now. Meaning I cannot train the dogs as one is limping and the other one pregnant!


I was supposed to compete with Prima on May 10th but when we were in the countryside she must have stepped on a root or something sharp enough to deeply cut one of her foot pads. There are still some days left but I do not think it will heal. I tried to change the dog and a class and compete with Ruda instead but it was not possible. That was the last chance for Ruda as it is not permitted to enter competition with a pregnant bitch 30 days prior to delievery.

And a veterinarian saw one puppy during ultrasound scan I made 3 weeks after last so called mating. I was pretty sure she was empty  but I saw the embryo with my own eyes. I will check her again, of course, but first on May 24th. We will see if that single embryo will survive and maybe we will find at least one more?

So I am quite happy about the weather permitting the digging, sowing and planting.  Ruda is still easy and willing to train but she certainly is a bit slow. This isn´t something unusual for her after the season so I do not see any difference and I would never guess on her behaviour only the she was pregnant.

After a walk he rests in the middle of the table completely exhausted

After a walk he rests in the middle of the table completely exhausted

Prima is more than willing to work but what can one do with a dog jumping on three legs? I change her dressing few times a day and try to keep her still. It is a difficult task-the dog is full of energy! The wound is getting better every day but with 4 days left to competition I do not think it will heal completely.

Our cat, Xenon, has started to go outside and loves it! The problem is that I am worried every time he is gone where I cannot see him. On the other hand it is so wonderful to watch him enjoying the freedom and lying in the sun and trying to catch insects that I cannot just close him inside. I just wish he would stay within our fenced ground!

Oh, right now it isn´t so easy to be a pet owner! The plants are much easier!