The world in full bloom


In just about a week of summer weather everything has been altered! The brownish, tired world has changed to an explosion of colors with dominance of different shades of green. The plum trees are blooming already and the apple trees are ready to start within maybe two days. It is not unusual for Sweden that spring would be omitted but this year is exceptional!


The dogs have been helping out with garden work, must have been boring for them but no complaints. Prima would just run about with a stick in her mounth and Ruda would wait until I throw some weed away so she could catch it. But it has been warm, too warm to be active a long time. So in the end they would just find a nice and shady place and watch me working.

I had to take some painkillers every day but managed to have all the neccesary work done. So now we just have to wait for results. And water every day. There is no rain in the weather forecast for a long time ahead. I would really need some now.

The swimming season has been opened very early this year. Our lake is warm enough to enjoy swimming, not just for jumping in and out. Prima has been allowed to take a bath despite the wound on her pad. I do not think it would delay the healing, it is going to take ages anyway! So we could not compete on May 10th. I had to change the date for her start in class 1 until June 6th. I do not even know if the wound will heal when we are scheduled for a training camp in the end of next week..Still there is at least 6 mm of open space between the edges of the would that would have to close.

Ruda has been acting as normally as ever. Every time I train with her she shows the same commitment as usually. I am glad for that, especially now when we are planning to drive away for the 3 days training camp. I hope for a bit cooler weather without rain though the weather forecast says something else.  We are going 300 km away from Stockholm with other dog training lovers to a beautiful place at a lake. I am sure just being there with people sharing the same hobby will be great! Even if it rains...