Training season


With 3 working dogs my days are completely filled. Thankfully there has been some changes at my job that allow me to have some more spare time that is happily spent at some excercise field at a dog club.

Little Basqa, though not so little in size, needs some special treatment as she does not resemble her mother in character at all. Ruda was a happy puppy with no special needs. She would play and run for a while and the lie down and rest. Basqa is an energy bomb ready to explode if not disarmed. Running and playing is not enough to tire her off. She needs some brain work as well, not only obedience training. I started tracking with her and this seems to work very well. I plan to start nosework training and searching hidden objects soon. I suppose she is a real piece of a working dog…

I am quite sure I would not keep her if I had a full litter with few bitches to choose between. Now I do not have a choice and maybe it´s for the best.


The dog is thankfully a really charming type though sometimes a real badass. So sometimes I think she is too much for me, that she would be better off in a house with just one dog. Where she would not have to share the time and attention with 2 others. But this will pass soon, and she will settle down I hope.The only thing that´s worrying me is that she grows too quick. She is almost as big as her mother but just 5 months old…


Last week I took part in two day obedience training course with two great coaches. We had the worst weather of this fall. Very cold ( we even got some of the seasons first snow) and windy first day and pouring rain and windy the second. I was very proud of my dogs! Both Prima and Ruda did great job despite the weather and this experience was just what I needed to get some inspiration to go on. The puppy was trained in between and made some progress as well. And all of them had to stay away from me in the club cottage and were behaving very well. Sometimes it is so important to get a proof from others that one is on the right path, especially for me, training alone most of the time. I`m happy I got some new energy for it might be needed for that long winter that´s ahead of us!


Right now the weather is back to mild and I hope it will stay that way for a long time! The other day we had a pleasure to meet Christel with Compis and train the dogs together. I managed to get a nice pic of the little family!


I really hope we will get a full litter from this combination as that might show a big diversity of fenotypes. Basqa looks a lot like her great grandfather- a Malinois. The harsh coat is coming but she will never get as much as any of her parents. Perfect for a working dog!