Back home after holiday in Poland


Wonderful weather, lots of new and old places to visit, meeting many old friends and relatives, that was a holiday full of events! Something I really looked forward to but in the end got tired of. Next time I think I will choose something different. For Basqa it was maybe a great opportunity to get many new experiences but I am not sure if all of them were so positive as I hoped for.


Running on sandy beaches and playing with waves, taking bath in rivers and lakes, meeting new people and dogs, travelling by ferry and car, all without problems. She has been very easy going most of the time. But meeting unleashed unfamiliar dogs running towards us , which is quite common in Poland, was not always easy. The dogs are generally very friendly but too quick and too excited. Some of them big.That was too much for her. It would be different if she got more time to get to know new dogs, then she would play and tease them to chase her. Like she did with our friends Jack Russel. People walking those unleashed dogs don´t care about others. They say their dogs are nice and all the others ought to love them! Unfortunately this is typical Polish ignorance, I wouldn´t even try to explain anything. They wouldn´t understand anyway. Such a pity!


For me it was a jouney back to my childhood but in many ways a negative one. The environment has changed to the worse. I come from south part of Poland which suffers from dramatic changes in terms of increasing population and the traffic but no changes in terms of enviromental thinking are visible. Burning coal is common, as this is a cheapest way to warm the houses when nights become cold and doing that produces a lot of smog. Sometimes the air smelled so bad I was unwilling to take deep breath. It was so frustrating watching my beautiful country being so neglected! I am so lucky to live in Sweden and be able to breath fresh air!


We would find nice places for long walks with the dogs still but how long can it last before it all collapses?

The second week was spent in Warsaw and I must say the air was a bit better as people can afford other sources of energy.

The last walk on Polish side offered a beautiful sunset at the Baltic sea.


Coming back home wasn´t without problems. Prima was very happy to see me but growled hostile towards Ruda. It took two days to get them to walk close to each other and for me to relax. Though Ruda does not trust the Border any more. She keeps avoiding her and stays close to me. It makes me very sad! They used to be so good friends!

Now I am back to our ordinary routines. Working, training and trying to keep up with everyday duties and enjoyments. Exceptionally bright colors of fall this year add a lot of color to my life. This is time of a year when I tend to see everything in dark. It´s getting colder, it´s getting darker and I cannot do anything about it…Winter is on its way…