Wonderful September


The real fall begun today. Until today the weather was more summer-like but last night I was suprised by the very first frost. Cannot complain really though. It has been such a wonderful month, most of the time.

This September will be remembered as a month of bad things that got a happy ending. Hopefully all of them.


First bad thing that happened was disappearing of our cat. Mr Cat was gone one day when we came back from work and did not show up for next 3 days. We contacted our closest neighbours, left the notes with his picture in all the postboxes around and searched for him everywhere. I knew he must have been locked somewhere, because he usually stays close to the house and comes quickly when called. I could not sleep. I was getting mad. On the fourth day a woman called and said she had seen a man with our cat. With help from mutual friends and neighbours we got Xenon back within an hour. A lonely man who is not completely clear-headed kept him closed at his place as company. What a relief it was having Xenon back home again!


The weather, that allowed us to swim in our lake in September was not what I planned for. I entered Ruda for 2 obedience competitons hoping for moderate temperatures as I know she is affected by the heat. The first start was in the early afternoon on a hot and sunny day. I have never seen so dozy Ruda! We managed to collect about 200 points of 320 possible and a third prize. The only positive thing about this competition was that I did not give so much room to my usual nervousness. I was attentive and gave my all support to the dog. The positive feeling I took with me to the next trial. The day was again sunny and warm but the temperature was a few degrees lower and the air was clear. I acted again like a handler Ruda deserves and this time we made it! We got excellent with 256,5 points and with this result we are now allowed to start in class 3, the highest one! I am so proud of Ruda and even of myself and really hope theese two starts have opened a door for future trials without that paralizing fear I usually feel! Another happy ending!


Now about the puppy. Basqa is 3,5 months old now but weighs 15kg and is 50cm high. We are going to have a monster! She has a half brother in Finland who is called My Little Pony by his owner. Will she be a female version of him? She looks more like Malinois still but harsh coat and furnishings are coming, so this should not be a problem. But will she stop growing in time? I doubt it… So I believe I have to forget about a show career and concentrate on training…Thankfully she is a very clever and easily trained pupil! And a very happy and playful puppy!


Now about an event that I hope will have a happy ending!

Yesterday Prima attacked Ruda! I have never had dogs fighting within the pack and I am so worried! I have noticed some time ago that when I go somewhere with Ruda only and come back home Prima is not happy to see her. Ruda would friendly greet Prima but she just growls and goes away. Which, I thought was a bit strange as they are good friends but as long as it was just verbal I did not interfere. But yesterday when Ruda played with the puppy Prima jumped on her and started a real fight. I had to separate them as Prima would not listen to my stop command. She always does…

I can try, of course to avoid the known situations that trigger Primas hostile behaviour but our harmony has been shattered…I hope this would never happen again! Border Collies are strange…


Such a pity as she is such a sweet dog most of the time and so patient with the puppy!

But I have promised myself that I will never accept such behaviour at home and if this happens again she will have to move to my younger son. He loves the idea as he is very fond of her but I hope I will never be forced to make such a decision!


Next week we are going away for 2 weeks vacation in Poland. The plan was to take all three dogs with us but in this situation I will leave Prima with my boys at home. I do not think that would change anything but it will give me some extra time for the puppy and Prima would get some quality time with her favourite people. Let´s hope for the best!