It´s harvest time


Never before have I seen so many apples on our trees! In a big world a Swedish Champion competition in obedience goes on in south of Sweden and a biggest specialty show for Belgian Shepherds takes place in France and here I am, peeling the apples to be cooked and frozen for the winter...  I do not have the ambition and probably the skills neither to participate in big competitions but I would love to be there and watch. Maybe even one day I would like to show a dog in France, especially of my own breeding? Maybe Basqa? Well, we will see how she develops. As far as I can judge she is a cutest little puppy in the world!


Both ears are up, building a hat over her head, the hard coat is coming, her looks all over are very promissing. The character is outstanding. She is brave, playful, happy and docile. She enjoys new places, no matter how noisy or crowdy they can be, does not care much about strange dogs and follows around without leash. Loves travelling by car and playing in water. I cannot see any disadvantage of her being a single puppy. So far so good!


The days are not so hot anymore, though the weather is very nice still. More like a normal Swedish summer. I have restarted our training though I think it will take some time before we are back in normal routines. I have to think about the puppy first, it´s her time now. 

On the other hand I have entered Ruda in obedience competition in class 2 in the beggining of September. There are some things I would like to polish before our start or I will have to let it be a training competition to see what we have to work on. I always train alone and this is isn´t optimal, neither for me nor my dogs. It´s so important to have someone to point out all the unaware mistakes and get the dog used to stranger giving commands.

Hopefully I will find someone to help. It will feel better.

The summer is inevitably coming to an end. Soon we will go back to 5 days week and I can hardly cope with 4. I cannot find anyone reliable to take over some of my duties at work. And I am not getting younger. Working full time, taking care of the house and having some energy left to do what I love seems to be more and more unrealistic. I feel there must be a way out of this trap, I just have to find the best solution. Let´s hope it will be soon!