One ear almost up


Home after a nice weekend in the countryside. Top weather the whole time though the heavy rain met us on the way home. First time after such a long time it was very appreciated. I hope that this will be the end of the very hot summer and we will get some normal temperatures for this part of Europe. 

The puppy enjoyed  exploring new places, meeting new people and even the first bath in the lake.


Both Prima and Ruda have shown a way, they are such good swimmers! And afterwards the dogs could dry themselves running on the sandy beach. I really love this place!


One week earlier we visited my sister in her cottage in Stockholm Archipelago. It´s a very nice place as well but there are many people there during summertime and it´s difficult to find a place where dogs are allowed. We usually stay away on an uncomfortable rocky beach where we can be alone. It´s risky though as the wet rocks are slippery and I am always aware of the possible injury of runnings dogs. Nothing happened this time except the bad stomach the puppy had following night after consuming great amount of algae, duck extrements, sand and different plants.

Is there something more miserable than a wet Border?

Is there something more miserable than a wet Border?


I always enjoy coming back home, even after a short break. Not this time though. Xenon, the Cat, usually meets us when we drive up to the house. Today he is not here and I am worried sick. He was left outside but he has a cat flap and the whole wintergarden open, the food is almost gone so he must have been around the house as usual. But he is not here now.

I hope he will show up before the night comes, I will not be able to sleep otherwise!

Last minute update: Xenon is back! Hungry and untidy but healthy and happy! Now we are whole again!