Brown puppy on burned grass

Brown puppy on burned grass

The disaster continues. Not a drop of rain has fallen here in several weeks and the temperature reaches above 30°C every day. The woods are burning all over the country and the farmers are running out of food for their animals. This is not fun any more. Some people thrive, especially those who spend their vacations in Sweden but most are fed up with the situation and hope for rain. It´s difficult to work as most places are not not equipped with air condition and it´s difficult to sleep at night in the city.

The only activity I am able to do is to walk to the lake early in the morning and swim with the dogs. Later they spend time sleeping inside the house through entire day and show some signs of life again late in the evening. We are lucky living in the countryside where nights bring some relief. I have not trained the dogs in 2 weeks. Although the temperature would allow training in the evenings I am just too tired after working in this heat.


Basqa or Bashka ( we cannot decide ) has become 6 weeks old and I am quite happy with her development. She is open towards new people, curious about everything around and very  playful. Ruda does not permit her to suckle more than twice a day now but the puppy eats everything we give with great apetite.

Having hard time with the strict mother the puppy enjoys getting some positive attention from aunt Prima.

She has been kind to the youngster lately and plays with her when the temperature changes to more comfortable. Rough and clumsy while playing with Ruda she reveals all her gentle and careful side towards Basqa ( or Bashka?)


Xenon, the Cat, has teared off 4 claws on his hind paws. Accidents like that teach me to trust animals and their judgement. I had a friend here visiting with her Border Collie. According to this friend, whom I trust a lot, the dog had no interest in cats at all. But when Xenon wanted to join us on the terrace the dog stirred at him and the cat stopped. Normally he would just pass by but this particular dog scared him. I should  have understood what was going to happen and stop the the Border Collie. I did not because I trusted my friend. The dog started to chase Xenon and he climbed a tree and damaged his claws. We had to sedate him and remove all the broken nails and put the collar on for few days. He wasn´t happy about that but accepted the treatment with dignity.

I love this cat! And from now on I will never ever let him deal with unknown dogs, no matter how much I trust their owners!